Willow & wild box Halloween

I’m super lucky to be a brand ambassador for the wonderful willow & wild box along with my two daughters Callie and Mila.

Every month we received a lovely package through the letterbox full of wonderful activities to keep the children entertained.

This month we are heading towards Halloween so it has a spooky theme. . . 🎃👻

As Callie arrived home from school, and with a little help from Mila we sat down as a family at the dining room table and got stuck into some spooky crafts.

Our first task was to make a pumpkin paper lantern, Callie had fun carefully using the scissors and stapler with mummy’s help and colouring in a face for the pumpkin lantern. I think I can safely say she’s done a spectacularly spooky super job!

(Pumpkins ready in the background for carving )

Callie and Mila enjoyed making some edible ghosts using half a banana each and some raisins, very easy but incredibly effective, plus a great way to get them eating their fruit!

In the willow & wildbox activity pack we also had a lollipop, now let me just say trying to get Callie to not eat the lollipop before we did the activity was a task, but she loved making it into a spider lolly. It was super fiddly but great for practising those fine motor skills especially now Callie is at school and starting to do lots of writing, it’s great to build those muscles.

In this box we also have some mung beans to grow. We have firstly placed them in some water to soak overnight before getting them into the tub and growing them at home. It will be great to get the kids involved with growing something at home over the winter time as-well as during the spring and summer time.

The laminated card shows you how to grow them and also comes with a recipe so when they have grown you can make something with them too.

Willow & wildbox have been sending us a letterbox subscription now for a few months and every time Callie gets it she genuinely gets so excited about it coming in the post and completing all the activities available 💚

You can check out all of willow and wild boxes products on the link below

Lots of love Kirsty, Callie and Mila x

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