Grow your world with Fiskars

Fiskars pruner bypass M

#ad – After being asked by the lovely team at Fiskars to take part in their ‘grow your world with fiskars’ campaign I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how gardening can help to grow ourselves in a positive way.

Over the past 12 months I have been very open about my own mental health struggles on social media and my reasons for taking on an allotment. More and more I’m starting to see people open up about their own struggles and turn to gardening as a means to help their mental health and wellbeing.

18 months ago I suffered a huge breakdown in my mental health and found out that I was suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a traumatic pregnancy and birth. I was a completely broken, extremely  unwell and unable to look after my children. I was suffering from panic attacks every 30 minutes, I couldn’t eat and drink, I was unable to sleep and when I did the panic attacks and night terrors woke me. I had slipped into an awful place where I wasn’t able to look after myself let alone anyone else and as a mother I felt like a complete failure.

Trying to look forward I knew that this had to change and as well as seeking help from trained professionals I researched into what PTSD was and ways to help the effects of it, a common theme that turned up was gardening, being outdoors and growing your own food. so in March 2017 I applied to the local council for an allotment and by April 2017 I had had my first day on My Little Allotment.

Fiskars pruner bypass M

It didn’t take long spending time down on my allotment for my mental health and wellbeing to start improving, I had no idea that it could have this sort of effect and I think there are so many reasons for this space making me feel better. I think for me its the simple things, the fresh air, being close to nature, getting your hands dirty, the birds singing, the bees buzzing, the physical activity, eating home grown fresh produce and most of all having something to keep my mind focused on all year round taking my focus away from other things.

My allotment has become a wonderful place for me to enjoy, it’s become a hobby and overall it’s the place I go to when I need some head space. I have a lovely little tea shed, so even when the weather is bad I can head down there with a gardening book and make myself a cuppa and have the space that I need for me.

While the allotment has been an important space for me to have to get well I also love sharing this space with my two daughters. Its really important to me to show them the importance of growing food, getting outside, being close to nature and hopefully enjoying something that their mummy loves too.

Since taking on my allotment just over 18 months ago it’s provided me with a place I need to help me and my recovery, without this space and the wonderful things it provides I’m not sure where I would be. The allotment is my sanctuary, my happy place and a perfect place to grow yourself in a positive way.

I would recommend to anyone to get outside in a garden or a growing space and give it a go, there is nothing more rewarding than planting a seed and watching it grow and develop vegetable and following the journey from the moment you plant it all the way to the end where to make something wonderful to eat from it.

Fiskars Xact

I’ve been gifted some wonderful Fiskars tools for my allotment and I’m totally in love with my new pruners and rake. I love digging my soil and then raking it until it’s level and smooth it’s such a satisfying look. The rake is super light weight and sharp giving the soil a really good finish. As it’s autumn time it’s the perfect time to prune my  blackcurrant bush and plum tree. The Fiskars pruners are super sharp and have a really comfortable handle to hold that twists with your hand when cutting into the branch making pruning a very easy and quick job.

Fiskars light soil rake

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and you are all  getting  those autumn jobs sorted before the winter sets in.

Kirsty x

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3 thoughts on “Grow your world with Fiskars”

  1. Life can be completely soul sucking. I too suffered from post-partum though thankfully I did not have panic attacks during that time in my life. Gardening, I agree, is a feast for the eyes and creative people need to express themselves, that’s why I think gardening helps me so much. Your blog and Instagram are beautiful and good for you my friend for helping the world understand that not all pregnancies are glorious like social media personalities want us to believe. We love our children but boy do they sometimes wreak havoc on our minds and bodies. 🙂


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