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My Little Allotment 31/05/2019

AD- I am really excited to be teaming up with Gardena over the next few months to bring you some reviews, information, plus tried and tested results of their gardening tools and watering equipment. Gardena have approached me to work alongside them and I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with them. I have heard great things about their products so I can’t wait to put them to the test on my allotment and in my garden.

I knew that working with Gardena gardening products would be the right choice for me as I had already bought and used some of their hand tools on my allotment and know they are excellent.
Gardena founded in 1961 are a German brand and are now a preferred garden brand for millions of garden owners worldwide. Gardena says it takes an emotional approach to address those who regard their own garden as a “living space close to nature” and a place of well-being, recreation, and fun. They have a huge range of gardening products from watering, soil & ground care, lawn care, tree & shrub care all the way to smart systems and urban gardening.

Over the next few months I will be testing out a few products from different ranges to bring you a great oversight of the Gardena products. in this blog I will be coving a range of allotment/garden soil and ground care tools. I will then be testing out some of the watering equipment and battery-operated lawn care tools.

The first stop for me was testing out some of the garden hand & ground tools out on the allotment. I have kindly been sent an ErgoLine spade, ErgoLine fork, Telescopic combisystem multi-head tool which includes a rake, grubber and hoe. I spent a full day on the allotment using the tools for different tasks to try them out and I have to say I was really impressed.



Firstly, I want to talk about the combisystem tools, my first thought was that this was a great space saving idea. For those with little storage on your allotments, at home or in the garden I think this is a great way to have a lot of the tools you want without taking up too much space. I also know that a lot of people are not allowed permanent structures on their allotments meaning that you need to take the tools with you. I think having just the one telescopic handle with interchangeable heads is much easier for transporting too.

Looking on the Gardena website there are around 20 available combi tool head attachments making this super versatile for the work you might need to do in the garden at home or down on an allotment space. They have everything from rakes, lawn edge to fruit picking tools.

For the combisystem tools, I have been sent a telescopic handle which reaches up to 5 metres. The telescopic handle means it’s easier to reach hard to get areas around your garden borders and if you are using the fruit picker you can reach high up into fruit trees.

If I’m honest, at first I was a little sceptical about using the telescopic combi system tool as I thought maybe changing the tools heads on the handle would hinder the performance of the tool. I can safely say that this is not an issue, it is very easy to change the tools on the handle and I have attached a video below to show you that it takes around 10 seconds and then it is completely secure. The tools that are attached to the combisystem are just as effective.




I’ve never used a grubber tool before but essentially these are to help loosen the soil around plants and aerate the soil. I used this tool around my flower bed, it loosened the soil easily and then made it quick and simple to pull out of the weeds. the grubber sort of acts like a hoe but it breaks up the soil more without any worry of damaging the roots on plants. the three prongs on the grubber are sharp and compact so it is easy to get in between plants to help soil structure and weed.

Gardena Grubber with combi system telescopic handle.

My next tool was the hoe, the hoe is super sharp and light weight on the telescopic handle. it made light work of hoeing weeds in between produce rows, even though the soil was really dry. I found that having the telescopic handle meant that I could weed easily up and downs rows with the hoe without having to leave the paths on the allotment plot. the hoe is a great tool to help you keep on top of small/medium weeds during summer when they grow at super-fast speed.

The last tool head to try out for the combisystem is the rake. The rake is most commonly used to level the soil and help with soil preparations in your garden. I tend to use my rake on areas I have been digging and weeding to level the soil out again. With the telescopic handle being light weight it’s easy to rake from a distance when the handle is extended. this is great as it means I can rake from a distance without having to step on ground I have just previously dug. I used the rake to evenly spread my compost over my prepared bed.

Gardena Rake on combi system telescopic pole.


The main tool that I use on my allotment is the fork so I always find this is the tool I am always looking to find something that works perfectly for me.

The fork they have given me to try is the Gardena ErgoLine fork and honestly, I absolutely love it. It’s not too heavy and bulky and would be fine for me to use for long periods of time. The fork has an extra wide D shaped handle which is perfect for holding with both hands to help with the ease of digging. I used the fork on a couple of areas to dig out some weeds with large deep roots and I managed to do it quickly. The way the fork is shaped its designed to help stop damaging roots which is perfect for getting those weeds out and not leaving anything behind. I found once I had inserted the fork into the soil next to the weed and pushed the fork down to push the weed out the soil naturally loosened off around the weed, I think this is helped by the wider fork prongs.


The last tool to try is the ErgoLine spade. The spade is again designed with the large D frame handle to help ease the work of digging. On the ErgoLine spade there are also foot rests on both sides at the top of the spade to help with resting feet onto the spade when digging, I also found this caused less pain in my feet when digging. I have a few raspberry plants on my plot that need removing, I used the spade to help remove them and I was able to dig deeply and easily even on dry ground to help remove the raspberry plant without breaking off the roots. The coating on both the fork and spade shaft makes it comfortable to hold and work with.


Overall, I am really impressed with the ground and soil care tools I have been given to try on the allotment. The tools are all really great and I love the ease of the interchangeable tools heads on the combisystem. I have to say the ErgoLine fork is excellent and I can’t wait to be digging over patches of earth at the end of the season as I’m pretty sure the ErgoLine fork is going to make my life much easier.



Keep an eye out on my blog and social media over the next few months to see more information about different products from Gardena. If you are interested in looking at Gardena products you can visit the website by clicking on the work Gardena

Gardena will also be at RHS Hampton Court flower show, Gardeners world live and Glee. It a great opportunity if you are heading to these shows to check out the Gardena products.

Happy gardening

Kirsty Ward

My Little Allotment



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