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Gardena Tools

AD- I am really excited to be teaming up with Gardena over the next few months to bring you some reviews, information, plus tried and tested results of their gardening tools and watering equipment. Gardena have approached me to work alongside them and I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with them. I have heard great… Continue reading Gardena Tools


Grow your world with Fiskars

#ad - After being asked by the lovely team at Fiskars to take part in their 'grow your world with fiskars' campaign I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how gardening can help to grow ourselves in a positive way. Over the past 12 months I have been very open about my own… Continue reading Grow your world with Fiskars

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Welcome 2018

So here we are hello 2018 and goodbye to 2017(sorry I’m a little late to the party). Saying goodbye to 2017 is a little bit bittersweet, for anyone that has read my first blog, they will know I am extremely happy to see the back of 2017, but how can I be so happy about… Continue reading Welcome 2018

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Allotment Therapy

So I did it, I decided to write my first ever blog after posting an Instagram poll. It is something I have wanted to do but plucking up the courage is always difficult, so Instagram decided for me.  Who is my little allotment? Hello I'm Kirsty, 28, wife, mummy of two daughters, and the owner of my little… Continue reading Allotment Therapy