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G’day Vegepod

The ‘Grow you own’ world is amazing and I was lucky enough to enter it nearly 2 years ago. It is definitely changing and watching social media closely I can see more and more people and families getting involved with growing flowers, vegetables and fruit at home or on an allotment plot. During my two… Continue reading G’day Vegepod



Hello. . . . . . is it me you’re looking for? Well its been a while hasn’t it, big plans for blogging last year mixed with a job and 2 kids resulted in very little writing, but Im back and promise to get back into the swing of things. Thought I would do a… Continue reading Hello

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Sweet pea & chilli seeds

January. . . What a month, I'm honestly really glad its over.  I know it’s not just me but throughout January I have been desperate to get sowing seeds, desperate for spring, desperate for longer,lighter hours that I’ve kind of been wishing my life away without really realising it. Since I posted my last blog  I’ve been… Continue reading Sweet pea & chilli seeds

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Welcome 2018

So here we are hello 2018 and goodbye to 2017(sorry I’m a little late to the party). Saying goodbye to 2017 is a little bit bittersweet, for anyone that has read my first blog, they will know I am extremely happy to see the back of 2017, but how can I be so happy about… Continue reading Welcome 2018