Watering with Gardena

AD- The lovely team over at Gardena have sent me out some of their lovely watering equipment to try out. I have the Micro-Drip-System Starter Kits, the Water Control Select, the Textile Hose Liano and a range of nozzles.

Due to me not having a tap directly on my plot, I have decided to set up my micro drip kit in my new raised flower bed at home, don’t worry this still is full of edibles too.
Gardena are renowned for their great watering equipment, I couldn’t wait to see how it faired. I have been spending the past 18 months working closely with my local water supply company, doing videos etc about how to save water in the garden and on the allotment, so when it came to trialling products for Gardena I wanted to make sure that saving water was in mind.

Gardena have some innovative watering products that help with using less water in the garden, by creating really dynamic smart technology to help with only watering when it is needed, and even setting it up so its individual to a plants needs. Gardena provide a great page on their website with water saving tips in the home and garden and all their water wise watering equipment.

At home I make sure that I collect my own rain water, I’ve conditioned my soil with organic matter to help with the soil structure which will help to retain moisture and I also mulch to help retain moisture in the soil. I do still have to use water from the main supply as I have a vegetable garden and two greenhouses, so I’ve been interested in finding ways to water these without using excess water.

Micro-Drip-System Starter Set

The first product I have been trying out is the Micro-Drip-System Starter Set. This is a pipe that can run along garden borders, in a square around vegetable beds or in any shape that works for you in your garden. The box comes with everything you need in it for the set up and didn’t take me long to get it up and running. The starter kit consists of enough piping for 40m2, we cut the piping to size for our raised garden bed and then decided where we would want the spray nozzles to go along the bed and made the holes for the sprayers. There is a tool provided that makes the holes in the pipe, it is really simple to use and makes the hole without damaging or crushing the pipe. Once the holes are in place you can then add the watering nozzles, these are just pushed and screwed into place, it’s a little tight to start with but once you get it into the thread you can use the tool to wind them in. When these are in place the next step is to add the stopper on the end and the hose pipe connector on the other end so its ready for water. You then get the pipe into place in your border or vegetable patch and use the pegs that fit over the pipe to keep that in place. The next step is to fix the sprayers into place with pegs that hold them down. That’s it, I’m pretty sure it was up and running within 15 minutes.


Once set up was done and the pipe was in place it was about testing it out. Firstly, I turned it on to check the nozzles were pointing in the right direct to get the water coverage I needed, they are really easy to adjust, and I just left it running whilst moving them around.
There are different nozzle attachments that go around the piping and I have used the 360degree nozzle and the four 90 degree nozzles along the pipe. After leaving it to run for 5 minutes this covered the border really well with water and gave it a good coverage of water for such a short amount of time. The micro drip system works really well with the water control select, which is the next product I tried in connection with the micro drip kit.
Water Control Select



I really like that Gardena are moving forward with their brand and pushing equipment to be more smart in the garden. The water control select is an easy way of controlling when your garden is watered, what time and the duration of watering. There are three individual watering settings so you can create a more personised plan for your garden or allotment.

The Water Control Select is really easy to set up using the rotary control system and push switch to select what settings you need. I decided for testing purposes I would set up all three watering settings and pop one to come on in 10 minutes time to see how well it worked.

Its really important for me to save water and this works well for me as I am able to set the watering timer for super early in the morning when its cooler to save the water being evaporated. I am going to be testing some watering durations on it to see which gives me the best amount of water, this also means that with the water being set for a duration I will give the plants the amount of water they need rather than guessing with the hosepipe and overwatering.
The Gardena connectors for the taps and hosepipes are really good quality, there are no leaks which means I know there is a secure connection and no loss of water. Out of everything so far that I have tried and tested I am really impressed with the quality of the watering equipment and connectors.

Textile Hose Liano

I was also sent the Textile Hose Liano and a few different nozzle attachments to try. The hose comes with a 30 year warranty, is UV and frost proof and its very durable. The hose is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and due to the soft material its made out of it does not kink or twist. The hose can be attached to a reel and comes in 15, 20 and 30 metres in length.
I have been sent the normal nozzle attachment that comes with this hose and two other different sprayers. My favourite nozzle is the Comfort Cleaning Nozzle ecoPulse, it is a great nozzle for cleaning in the garden and saves up to 40 percent less water but still has the same great cleaning pressure. I used this nozzle to clean the top of my new greenhouse as a crab apple tree had covered the roof and filled the guttering with leaves and apples. The top and back of my greenhouse is not very accessible so it seemed like a good idea to try this nozzle out cleaning my greenhouse. The nozzle was super effective and cleaned the top of my greenhouse really easily and cleared out the guttering very swiftly too. The nozzle has 4 different spray settings, hard jet, flat spray, fanned soft spray and the ecoPulse all the different settings are great for different cleaning jobs. I found the ecoPulse nozzle helped push out the collected leaves and apple in my greenhouse guttering. The nozzle is frost proof and has a really soft comfortable handle with integrated lock button, It is perfect for all your cleaning and watering needs.

I have really enjoyed using all of these watering products and I think that going forward I would love to integrate more of the Micro-Drip-System into my greenhouse at home. I think if I can set one of my greenhouses up with some raised beds in a U shape around the greenhouse to grow my tomatoes and aubergines, I could set one of these Micro-Drip kits into the greenhouse. I would then use the water control select to water my greenhouse regularly, as this would help me with problems like blossom end rot caused by over/underwatering.
There are some really exciting pieces of kit to go with the Micro-Drip-System Starter Sets to help enhance the water saving and smart technology in your garden. The smart Soil Moisture Sensor and the smart Sensor Control Set are definitely what I will be trying next with the kits I already have to make my garden more water efficient.

If you would like to know more about the Gardena products you can click here to visit their website.
Gardena will also be attending Glee at the Birmingham NEC on September 10th, 11th and 12th if you would like to ask any questions and look at the products available.


Happy gardening

Kirsty ward








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